What our customers say about our service.

 Ed and Cecile Campana, We can't thank you enough for solving our yellow jacket bee problem. Terry was fearless in going into a very small space under our front stairs and dusting the nest. The number of bees diminished within hours, and by the next day we were bee-free. I don't think another exterminator would have put himself out the way Terry did. We never expected such good service. He improved our quality of life immensely because the bees had already burrowed into our daughter's bedroom. I have a Facebook friend with wasp problems, and have already sung the praises of TNT on Facebook. Thank you so much, Terry.
 Service done by our technician Brad...  6/30/2014
Message: Hi, Brad was just at our home to treat the yellow jackets above our porch. Just wanted to say that Brad was very courteous, worked quickly, and was very conscientious in the work he performed. I give him a hearty thumbs up! Thanks for the good work. Jeff 

December 02, 2008 
Service done by by our technician Mark 
TNT Exterminators 
 Good people to deal with! 
They came out on sunday without hesitation and took care of my rodent problem for my wife. We havent had a problem since their visit! I will recomend them to anyone who needs pest control service.

December 05, 2008 by John P. in Chicago, IL 
No odor treatment worked fine 
Service was excellent! They promised a no odor treatment that would work well with my childs asthma. Their service exceeded my expectations. I'm 100% satisfied with tnt.

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 
by Ariana 11/21/2009 
This company beats terminix and orkin for termite expertise and treatment. Terminix gave me an estimate for $1100 for the first year and $225 for each additional year ( three year contract requirement), Orkins estimate was $900,and Terry's TNT Exterminators was $550 with the same/better guarantee than the national providers and $75 renewal for treatment each year. Also, terminix was just going to inject the pesticide whereas TNT also drilled, foamed the wall, and sprayed effected areas. I am so satisfied with TNT's prompt, valuable, extraordinary service. I highly recommend this company. Remember one thing too though..my home is quite small.

"Terry of TNT has been great since we found out about our termite problem. He answered all of our concerns about the process, and was willing to begin treating the problem right away (even though other companies said we couldn't do anything until spring). His prices were very reasonable, and he has been accessible whenever we wanted to ask a question. We're recommending him to our neighbors who may be facing the same problem." Michael and Andrea Kendrick, Wheaton IL
By Patrick, 5/17/10
I want to express my great appreciation for the work Terry of TNT Exterminators did for me at my home recently.  I had a hornets nest problem and an ant problem. Terry responded to my call within moments and came out within hours.  Terry was immediate in accurately determining the sources of the problem, thorough in treating the areas of concern, and excellent in every aspect of his work.  Terry is a pefect professional:  knowledgable, responsive, and effective in every aspect of his work. I was completely satisfied with both Terry and his service.  He is intelligent, respectful,and kind. He was clean in every aspect, respecting me, my property, and my needs.  You will not find a finer man, a better exterminating service, or a better experience than you will have with Terry and TNT Exterminators.  He has my unqualified endorsement and my highest commendations...
Mr. Neville

January 31, 10 Roxie
I would like to say thank you for your professionalism. The technician did not have any problem to examine my home precisely for bed bugs. I was very pleased with your service. I would recommend this company anytime. The price was affordable and tech came out within same day of requesting service. How great is that? I really was satisfied. 
Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!