Our clients range from commercial customers  apartment buildings, restaurants, stores and warehouses to residential homes. We perform  termite inspections for home closings and treat for nearly every pest at reasonable prices.
Customer Comments:

 Ed and Cecile Campana, We can't thank you enough for solving our yellow jacket bee problem. Terry was fearless in going into a very small space under our front stairs and dusting the nest. The number of bees diminished within hours, and by the next day we were bee-free. I don't think another exterminator would have put himself out the way Terry did. We never expected such good service. He improved our quality of life immensely because the bees had already burrowed into our daughter's bedroom. I have a Facebook friend with wasp problems, and have already sung the praises of TNT on Facebook. Thank you so much, Terry. 
T.N.T Exterminators
708-268-8720 Low Cost, Excellent Service--Guaranteed.
Our service comes comes with a 30 day guarantee standard. If your not completely satisfied simply call us back and we will return free of charge for a 30 day period of initial treatment, if your not happy were not happy, we want your future business plus any referrals.
Our treatments are low or no odor.
  • Bait Programs
  • Conventional Service
  • Power Spray Service
  • Fog "U.L.V." Treatments Available.
We use the standard I.P.M. for all
of our treatments which consists of:
  • Inspection
  • Exclusion
  • Customer Education
  • Bait Placements
  • Glue Board Monitoring
  • Non Chemical Treatments